Aug 17, 2015

Email List Acquisition Via Merger

Seems like my internet service provide has been bought by a larger one.

How did I know that? Not in a straightforward way. I've received an email with the info on my internet account balance from an unknown domain. It included my full personal information. At the same time it had a wrong account ID which made me think the email database has been stolen and now some kind of a fraud is happening.

But after checking things for a couple of minutes I discovered the fact it's a message from my new ISP.

How would I deal with email subscribers of a bought business?
1.I'd let the acquired subscribers know about the change by sending an email and a text using a previous name of the provider.
2. At the same time it's a good point to update the expectation of customers on types and frequency of notifications we're going to send them.
3. And of course, I would use a good friendly from but not which was the case for the email I've got from my ISP.