Feb 13, 2016

Gmail Now Prominently Marks Emails Sent Without TLS

Now here's a prominent red mark in Gmail for each email sent by sender whose infrastructure doesn't support TLS:

What a smart move to efficiently promote using TLS among senders - as no one wants their emails to have that red mark.

Why You Should Always Store And Process Email Addresses In Lowercase

Feb 2, 2016

Emails Of Cell Phone Service Provider Marked With This: Be careful with this message. It contains content that's typically used to steal personal information.

Earlier I wrote about email authentication problems of one of my banks.

Now I've seen a pretty much similar problem with my cell phone provider monthly email:

Of course this problem can be solved. The question is if your business has a person in charge of email marketing or not. For a company with tens of thousands of employees it's a must.

Another wrong thing with this email is I can't see anything in an attached PDF file on my Mac: