Nov 5, 2015

When Info In An Email From Your Bank Is Wrong

Yesterday I've got a text message from my bank saying that my password is going to expire. So I got onto the website and changed the password.

But today I've got an email saying that the password has finally expired...

This is a mistake very similar to what I was blogging about yesterday.

What might be the cause? Is it data from CRM not being passed into ESP on a timely manner? Is it an ESP having troubles with email delivery on time? I don't know, but as an end user I'm totally confused.

Nov 4, 2015

Orange Spain Isn't Investing Much in Building Correctly Working Email Chains

I'm traveling in Europe right now. And one week ago I've got an Orange SIM card in order to have affordable 3G internet on my tablet. And here's the list of emails I've got during the first week:

Are you exited by poor execution as much as I am?

Let's list the flaws:

  1. Duplicated welcome email.
  2. Confirmation email coming on 7th day after initial welcome email.
  3. Broken or ignored preheader area.
  4. Spanish language, despite they know I'm on a tourist plan and I was speaking English in their office. They don't even give me an option to switch to English.
And when I've tried clicking in confirmation email I've got this, which looks like an error:

But a few minutes later a lousy looking email arrived saying it worked fine. So did it work out or not?!

The design of the welcome email isn't really bad, but isn't great too:

Overall it feels like the email part of work has been neglected in Orange.

Nov 3, 2015

Google Inbox Is Going To Suggest Quick Replies For You

Google is really changing the world, especially email one.

I get a lot of email, and I often peek at it on the go with my phone. But replying to email on mobile is a real pain, even for short replies. What if there were a system that could automatically determine if an email was answerable with a short reply, and compose a few suitable responses that I could edit or send with just a tap? 

They say they will release this feature later this week. It's gonna be fun!