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My name is Andrey Sas and I've been helping companies to build and improve their email marketing and push notifications for several years at this point. In other words I'm an email marketing consultant.

My wide experience in email and push marketing both for huge (up to 200M subscribers) and not so big products helps me to provide quick, actionable and data based steps to remedy your email or push issues or achieve any company goals. I have both technical and marketing background, which allows me to fully understand the whole stack of technology, marketing and statistical methods used to build a successful email & push programs.

Please also take a look at my references from top email marketing businesses like Return Path and

I'm experienced in all branches of email marketing:
 – Email marketing strategies and plans - planning, developing and executing
 – Improving performance of email campaigns
 – Resolving deliverability issues, setting up delivery monitoring, enabling whitelisting
 – Setting up statistics, impact analysis and business intelligence (BI) processes
 – Proper user base management
 – Building email infrastructure - MTAs, servers, platforms, monitoring

I also have wide experience with push notifications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome, Safari):
 – Starting sending push notifications in a company with email marketing only
 – Integration of push and email marketing
 – Optimizing performance of push notification in order to increase sales / activity
 – Defining optimal flows to increase iOS push opt-in rate
 – Setting up push sending infrastructure

I help companies to avoid hiring a wrong person by assessing experience of candidates on email & push marketing manager roles in all applicable fields.

You can learn more about my experience and see my CV on LinkedIn.


– email:
– Skype: unitelephone