Mar 30, 2016

Keeping Email Design Consistent Is A Struggle

This is a message for all the startups which feel superior to huge companies. Yes, it's a real struggle to keep email design patterns consistent across different departments or even sub businesses. Usually it requires a huge effort just to find out what are the email types you're sending out. And actually changing them to look alike is only step #2 or #3.

You can easily find examples for every corporation out there. Let's take a look at Apple which is definitely an iconic company in terms of design and keeping things updated. Each email type they've sent me looks different, only one one is optimized for smartphones.

Mar 27, 2016

How to send an 'E mail' - Database TV Show From 1984

It definitely was fun to send and receive an email back in 80s :)

Mar 15, 2016

Litmus Isn't Able To Optimize Its Own Emails

Another email I've got yesterday came from Litmus - the most well known company providing services for email marketers aimed to help them optimize emails for different mail clients.

Take a look at almost invisible text in this promo email:

Mar 14, 2016

Another Leading Email Marketing Company Without Ignoring Best Practices

An email arrived into my inbox yesterday which clearly shows that even most valuable email marketing businesses aren't able to follow basic email practices around mobile optimization. I'm talking about unreadably small text on smartphones.

It's Gmail. I hope we all are on the same page - it's definitely a huge email marketing business, right?

So they send me an email campaign about a new version of their Gmail app. And of course I was viewing it in another incarnation of this email client - Google Inbox.

What a nice start:

But then something goes wrong and the rest of the email is basically unreadable: