May 27, 2017

Not enough details in a LinkedIn email

I'm not a fan putting all the possible information in an email and turning it into a landing page. So I personally prefer to keep 'em short and effective in terms of CTR. Anyway, sometimes I feel that an email is missing really important information which just *has* to be there.

Here's an example of this situation - an email about my LinkedIn job application. Will you be able to guess what's missing?

Guys, the company name is missing. Email marketing positions are named pretty much similar, so I need the company name in order to remember my application. And it's just not there, and I have to click on a link (no button or CTA, by the way) in order to learn it. And I won't be doing so 'cause I'm reading it on mobile.

May 8, 2017

Nice email marketing where you don't expect it

I've visited a nice karting place a week ago. I have to admit it has a great management system right from the start - initially you create you racer's profile with a PC stand and then you actually get a chance to drive.

I've been impressed a day after the visit when I finally checked out my inbox to find an email... coming from the venue. And it was just great - not the usual marketing bullshit, but the results of the races I've had on the previous evening.

We're so obsessed with finding best touch points with our customers that we totally forget about the businesses and cases when desirable email content comes straight from client's situation.

Anyways the email isn't perfect. Take a look at its poor view on mobile:

Mar 11, 2017

Collecting Email Addresses Offline

Collecting email addresses offline is always a struggle. Frequently you either find your approach having an extremely low conversion or having a cost per email which doesn't make sense.

Here's an example. This is a back side of the boarding pass for a Lufthansa flight. It took me 3 years to see the offer on its back. And most of them just go directly to a recycle bin.

Mar 10, 2017

Product Integration into Gmail

Take a look into this opportunity:

I'm curious if it's going to be premoderated and therefore not available to most of products like Actions.

Feb 4, 2017

3 Months Since AliExpress Russia Hired a New Email Marketing Manager

3 months have passed since AliExpress Russia hired a new email marketing manager. Let's take a look at their emails for the last 30 days. You can see the 'results' even if you don't understand Russian:

Jan 23, 2017

He Seems to Be a Good Email Marketing Manager But ...

Imagine you know an email marketing manager. He's speaking on the same conferences you speak and shares some findings with public. He seems to have a reasonable understanding of the industry.

Then this happens - you sign up with the product he's working on. And you get 3 different emails within a minute after signup. And you still didn't confirm your email address.

What would be your thoughts?