Dennis Anikin, Engineering Director Email, Cloud, myMail

Andrey's wide knowledge of all the aspects of the email industry makes him a perfect fit for both mailbox providers and email senders. The interesting fact is that Andrey was the one who inspired me to create the postmaster service with the FBL inside. As a result we have implemented those features in the #1 Russian mailbox provider Mail.Ru.

Return Path

Alice Cornell, Client Success Expert

I worked with Andrey for four years while I was at Return Path and found him hugely knowledgeable, conscientious and quick. He understands email from all aspects, from building a delivery platform to the deliverability of the mail, from the smallest detail of code to the overall business impact of email. His is easy to work with and his experience in the industry is invaluable. I can happily recommend him!


Mairi McCallum, Product Manager

I worked with Andrey during my time at Badoo, and can whole-heartedly recommend him as an all round expert in email and push notifications - in terms of technical implementation, data-analysis and product management. Without doubt, the work that Andrey did was directly responsible for much of Badoo's growth and retention of users. He was a dedicated and driven colleague, who managed others well, and always strove, and succeeded to surpass expectations. Andrey's expertise would be a valuable asset to any company.

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