Jul 11, 2018

Reply by email to a reported issue which impressed me

It's really hard for me to find a thing to write about in this blog lately as I've basically seen it all in email marketing. But today I've got an epic story for you.

Last week I've reported my bank an issue in their mobile app. And asked to provide a reply via email address. Few days after I've got an email, below are the steps I had to take in order to actually read their reply:

  1. I opened the email, it said that the reply is provided as an encrypted email in a second email message. The first email also had a pdf manual attachment explaining how to open an encrypted email (sic!).
  2. I scrolled down to the second email message and found it has some kind of an attachment (probably the encrypted email reply) and a link to read it.
  3. After clicking the link I had to set up some sort of an account in a system allowing to read encrypted emails in a browser (sic!).
  4. Then I've seen a content of an encrypted email, saying that the reply itself is attached as a pdf document.
  5. I opened the pdf attachment and found out it's just saying 'sorry for the bug, you can do this in an office'.
OMG, that was sick!