May 28, 2015

How to Write Emails Saying 'Sorry' to Your Customers

Earlier I was writing about an epic fail in an unsubscription process of a Japanese hotel booking service.

But now those guys did something incredibly not intelligent. They decided to write me an email about 3 days long downtime of their whole service despite the fact I've unsubscribed from all their email earlier!

Their fault #2 is not trying to filter their subscribers list for this campaign. It's obvious the email had to be sent only to those customers who were likely to be affected by the issue. Let's take a look at my profile info:
- I'm unsubscribed from their emails
- my last activity dates back to January (and I was only unsubscribing but not booking!)
- I never booked anything on their website

So the chances I was affected by their epic downtime is almost non-existent. You shouldn't been mailing me!

Ok, let's say you've selected a simplest way and are mailing all the customers who were online during last 6 month - try at least not to promote your failure but ask a subscriber to come back, re-engage him. Isn't it the correct goal for such kind of a campaign?