Oct 22, 2015

Not Convenient Email Confirmation Flow

Last week I has been setting up an account with my cell phone service provider. I was kinda amazed when after filling in a sign up form I has been asked to provide a code from an email in order to confirm my email address.

Is it really 2015?

Here's the list of the step a person should take to confirm his email:

  1. Understand that he has not to click as usual but to follow a different flow.
  2. Find a code in a very long text of the confirmation email. It isn't even highlighted with bold or something!
  3. Copy the code in the clipboard.
  4. Find a tab in a browser with the page of the cell phone service provider. It isn't that easy as many people keep dozens of tabs opened.
  5. Paste the code into the input field.
  6. Press 'Submit' button.

As a result we have 6 actions needed instead of 1. But why? Because you really have to do it so the service provider just doesn't really care about your convenience.

P.S. At this time I'm speaking with this exact cell phone provider regarding guiding their email efforts. Hopefully I will be able to improve their email marketing soon :)